Murder suspect Bryce Perkins makes bond

The man accused of killing a marine from Lake Charles, is out of jail tonight. U.S. Marine Daniel Gueringer was shot and killed at a party 4th of July weekend. Investigators say it was Bryce Perkins who pulled the trigger..

Last September Perkins went to court seeking a bond reduction. Back then Perkins' father, mother, stepfather and grandmother all agreed to put up their homes to secure his release from jail. But their combined properties were not adequate to post the $363,000 bond.

However, Judge Robert Wyatt has allowed Perkins' parents to post personal surety bonds totaling $156,000. Personal surety bonds are unsecured.

Prosecutor Rick Bryant says the DA's office had opposed any bond reduction and that there are no special conditions put on Perkins release on bond.

Perkins was set free about one this afternoon.

Family members of Daniel Gueringer are upset that Perkins has been able to bond out of jail.

Perkins trial is set for May 3.