Logan Armistead Case: Anthony Chaumont pleads guilty to simple battery

Anthony Chaumont
Anthony Chaumont

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - After spending eight months in jail, Anthony Chaumont is now a free man. As he walked out of the Calcasieu Correctional Center he had no comment about the case or the night Lake Charles Police say he and Jake Tullos beat off-duty deputy Logan Armistead unconscious outside the bar Nate's Place. That was back on August 6th, police say both men fled in a car and were arrested days later and charged with attempted manslaughter. Those charges would later be reduced to 2nd degree battery.

Tullos has been free on a 500-thousand dollar assurity bond, while Chaumont has sat in jail on a probation hold for simple robbery. Facing another felony charge, Chaumont decided to plead down to the misdemeanor charge of simple battery.

"We could not prove that this particular defendant committed a 2nd degree battery and that we could convict him of a simple battery only which is precisely what we did," said Calcasieu District Attorney John DeRosier.

Chaumont was sentenced to the maximum six months and released for time served. His attorney, Shane Hinch, says he's confident had the case gone to trial he could have won.

"The witnesses statements varied from person to person and arguably there was only one witness - that I'm aware of that put Mr. Chaumont physically touching Mr. Armistead. By all accounts he was likely 15 to 20 feet away from Jake Tullos the co-defendant and Mr. Armistead," said Hinch.

As for the Armistead family - they declined to comment about the latest developments in the case. However, Logan's father was in the courtroom and told the judge their main focus continues to be Logan's recovery. The court also heard about the multiple brain surgeries Logan has undergone and the fact that even with years of therapy there's the possibility he may never fully talk or walk again. But in the last few months Logan has made progress and has started to respond to therapy and even though he can't talk - has found ways to communicate.

As for now, one suspect may walk free, but DeRosier says he believes the evidence is there to convict Jake Tullos of throwing the punch that caused Logan's injury.

"We anticipate prosecuting that gentleman for the charge," said DeRosier.

Again the charge is - 2nd degree battery - a felony which holds up to five years in prison and a two thousand dollar fine. Tullos' next court appearance is May 24th.

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