Protecting your child from cyber bullying

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Cyber bullying is becoming more of a problem in schools across the country as technology continues to advance.

According to a recent report from I-SAFE, a leader in Internet safety education, 42% of kids have been bullied on-line.

Fifty-eight percent of those bullied on-line have not told their parents or any adult about their problem.

The Family and Youth Counseling Agency in Lake Charles has seen the problem grow in the lake area as technology continues to advance.

"We mainly have it with our youth," said Rogers. "We have youth we work with closely and they tell us about it."

Rogers said that the school can get involved in putting a stop to cyber bullying.

The first step would be to print off all of the blogs and postings from the Internet and taking them to the principal.

"It's important to save all the information including the dates and times, " said Rogers. "They might not be able to find out who this person is that's doing this cyber bullying. If that's the case, you would contact the Sheriff's department."

Cyber bullying is covered in the Calcasieu Parish School Board's Acceptable Use Policy for any on-line bullying that happens in the classroom.

The policy states that "users will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, unprofessional, or disrespectful language in any electronic form on the CPSB network."

Consequences for this behavior will include cancellation of Internet privileges and even possible legal action or prosecution.

Rogers said the best thing for parents to do is pay close attention to their children's Internet activity.

"Don't be afraid to get involved," said Rogers. "Parents are their child's first line of defense."

To view CPSB's full Acceptable Use Policy, click on the "CPSB Bullying Policy" to the right.

For information on how to protect your child from bullying in general, click on "Calcasieu Schools enforce their policy on school bullying" to the right.

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