Vinton teenager involved in Mississippi shoot out

By Crystal Price - bio | email

VINTON, LA (KPLC) - Police have confirmed the teenage girl involved the shoot out in Mississippi is originally from the town of Vinton.

According to the Jackson Police Department, sixteen year old Cambri Joseph from Vinton attempted to rob the Tai Hong Restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi.

When the restaurant owner's son identified himself as a reserve sheriff's deputy, she turned a gun on him and fired.

Joseph and the deputy again exchanged gun-fire in the parking lot.

While the deputy walked away unharmed, Joseph was struck with gunfire.

Although Joseph is recovering at an area hospital in Jackson, police said upon her release she'll be charged with armed robbery of a business.

Jacquela Lassien, Joseph's mother, said the situation leaves her in shock.

"I'm so hurt by all of this," said Lassien. "Right now all I want to do is talk to my child."

Lassien said this is not her daughter's first run in with the law.

She recalls Joseph was arrested for robbing the Exxon Tiger Mart in Vinton almost a year ago.

Law enforcement then sent her to a group home in Eunice where her mother says things continued to get worse.

"After Cambri got there and stayed a couple of weeks, she went with some friends from Lake Charles to Jackson," said Lassien.

When Lassien questioned her daughter for her runaway behavior, she found out that it all had to do with Joseph losing custody of her baby.

"That was her concern," said Lassien. "She told me 'Mama, I'm not going back; I can't deal with that."

Lassien said that is how Joseph ended up in Vinton where she was living in a motel with some friends.

Now all Lassien can do is wait for answers and hope that things will soon turn around for her daughter.

"I just don't even know where it came from," said Lassien. "Cambri just got away. I just wish it would have never gotten to this point."

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