Life Jacket Bill

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Back in December 2008, a helicopter went down near the Texas shore line and four people lost their lives.  One of the victims was Jacob Matt of Jennings whose body wasn't found until about five days after the crash.

This prompted his family to ask State Representative John Guinn to propose a bill that would require any off shore transports to wear life jackets equipped with electronic location devices.

Guinn says that by wearing the transponder, a person at risk can send out a distress signal where they can be located within fifteen minutes of going down.

Sheron Faulk of Ship to Shore says, "a life jacket will keep you afloat, but the locator device will enhance your ability to be located much quicker.

This will give rescuers a better chance at saving lives.

The Louisiana Legislature's regular session begins on March 29 and if the bill passes, Guinn says it will be called "Jacob's Law" in memory of Jacob Matt.

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