Two more arrests in barber shop armed robbery

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was last Friday that Lake Charles Police responded to a robbery at a barber shop off Opelousas Street, where three men reportedly held up the owner and a client a gunpoint demanding money. The suspects then stole the owner's truck before crashing it.

20-year-old Louis Miles, III would turn himself in to police hours later. Now after further investigation, police believe they have the other two suspects in custody.

"The thing that shocks me is that one or maybe two of them had actually got their haircut there before. Now why would you go rob a barber shop when you previously had gone in there and got your haircut? - Makes no sense," said Lake Charles Police Chief Don Dixon.

According to Dixon both Antonio Hadnot, 18, and Chad Parker, 17, were arrested on Monday.

Hadnot was located at a home on Pear Street around 2:45 p.m. "Hadnot observed the officers - attempted to escape on foot and was apprehended by our SWAT team as he tried to go out the back door," said Dixon.

Police say this is Hadnot's second arrest for armed robbery since he turned 17.

The second warrant led detectives and SWAT team members to the high rise on Mill Street, where they found Chad Parker standing out in front. Police say Parker would also try to run before police caught up with him two blocks north.

"Parker is age 17 and I want to not that since he's turned 17 this is his second arrest for armed robbery. I don't know what it is but it seems in the last few years they are getting younger and younger and more violent," said Dixon.

Dixon is asking no leniency be given to the trio and once again is urging parents to be accountable.

"A lot of people don't realize this, in the state of Louisiana you can be charged as an adult criminally when you turn 17. So the day you turn 17 and if you commit a felony or a misdemeanor for that matter you can be charged as an adult you are not in the juvenile system anymore," explained Dixon.

All three suspects remain behind bars charged with armed robbery and armed robbery with a firearm. If convicted they all three could face more than 99 years in prison.

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