Sulphur residents to vote for mayor

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - On Saturday March 27, Sulphur voters will go to the polls to decide who will serve as mayor for the next four years.

It's a hotly contested race for mayor the incumbent and a city councilman who decided to challenge the city's two term top official. City council member Chris Duncan is challenging incumbent Mayor Ron LeLeux in a race that seems to heating up some. Why run? Duncan said, "I want to hear the citizens' voice for real progress. I'm a business owner. As a business owner, I understand that our citizens are our customers. They need to be treated with dignity and respect. Real progress. We need a comprehensive plan We need to prioritize our infrastructure."

Whereas incumbent LeLeux said, "I'm running for re-election because I think we have a great city and we can continue to do great things. I think this job fits my personality. I think if you look past the last eight years we've surrounded ourselves with the best and the brightest. We've put the right people in the right positions to make this city move forward. We've brought in a lot of new businesses. I mean in the last eight years we've cut at least 120 ribbons of new businesses, some large, some small."

Duncan says he wants to make Sulphur more business friendly. "I've been in business over twenty years. I understand what business needs. I understand the budget. I understand that our citizens are our customers. And that we need to treat them with dignity and respect."

Whereas LeLeux says leadership is a key issue. "I think over the last eight years we've moved this city forward and with the citizens' help revitalized our great city. So I think we've got a lot of great things going, I think the future's very bright for this city. And I'd like to continue to work for the people for the next four years."

Challenger Duncan says he wants council to have agenda meetings to allow better preparation before votes and to prevent items from being ramrodded through. "The people need their voice to be heard. I will be there to listen to them. Before we have any major item on our agenda, we need to hear what the people have to say."  But LeLeux tells us, "Our top priority is to continue doing our job and continue moving this city forward bringing in new businesses and jobs to our city, attacking the infrastructure problems that go along with this and every other city."

In scarcely a week March 27th will be here and voters will decide.

Also in Sulphur they have a city council race on the ballot for district three-- the one Duncan vacated to run for mayor. The candidates are Veronica Allison and Lynwood Burkhalter.

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