Outspoken Jeff Davis task force critic speaks out from jail

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - He's been an outspoken critic of the investigation into the deaths of eight women in Jeff Davis Parish. Dubois's sister Whitnei Dubois is the fourth confirmed victim.

"This is larger than the Jeff Davis Parish or the Jennings Police Department can handle and it's obvious that this is still going on today and I believe we will have still more murders yet to come because I think it's bigger than they are," said Dubois in an earlier interview with 7 News.

Dubois has rallied several national news programs to cover the deaths and was a major contributor to our special one hour documentary dedicated to the mysterious deaths of the eight women.

Less than two weeks after our documentary aired, Dubois made headlines once again for a traffic stop just across the Jeff Davis Parish line in Basile.

"They said that they thought I had drugs in my car, searched my car, found my prescriptions and arrested me," said Dubois.

Found inside his car were 120 pain pills, 100 muscle relaxers, 30 Xanex, and 30 Tramodol. But according to Dubois, all are valid prescriptions for pain related from cancer surgery some years ago, where doctors removed part of his neck muscle, jugular vain and 35 lymph glands.

Dubois would sit in the Basile jail for three days before they would officially charge him with possession with intent to distribute schedule two and four narcotics, as well as doctor shopping - all charges he was set to post bond for once transferred to the Evangeline Parish Jail.

"I was 10 minutes away from bonding out when Jeff Davis found out and put a probation hold on me, came to pick me up, brought me to Jeff Davis Parish Jail and booked me on probation revocation," said Dubois.

But Dubois didn't spend one night in the Jeff Davis Jail. Declared "high-profile," he was transferred to the Cameron Parish Jail where he's been ever since.

"I'm still being held and nothing is being done to drop the charges yet. And being denied a probation bond to bond out, they're holding me without just cause to let me bond out. Evangeline set me a bond, but Jeff Davis won't give me a probation bond to allow me to be able to get out," said Dubois.

According to Dubois his requests for a probation bond have been denied because the courts aren't ready to give him one at this time.

"I think that they are just trying to keep me in to keep me quiet so I'm not back on the news with you all or back in the newspapers putting the pressure on them," said Dubois.

Lee: "So you think this is a direct result of speaking out against the investigation?"

Mike Dubois: "Yes I do."

While behind bars Dubois has followed updates on the case through news reports and letters from friends, but says he was close to finding answers on the streets... answers that continue to elude investigators.

"Everything I was doing came to a standstill, which is pretty much I think what they wanted," said Dubois. "I'm sitting here for the last five months wasting away on charges that I'm not guilty of. I'm being crucified for trying to get justice for my little sister and the rest of the girls and now I'm sitting here wanting justice and can't get it."

The probation revocation deals with an aggravated battery charge Dubois was convicted of a few years ago, where he got a five year suspended sentence and three years probation. That probation was up this January.

Dubois is scheduled to be back in Jeff Davis court on April 5th relating to his probation, where he could have to serve the five years - not including the time he could get for the drug charges.

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