Bike Hitches Donated and Installed Downtown

From the desk of Scott Raymond with the City of Lake Charles,

As of March 12, a new, welcome addition, specifically for bicyclists, can be found near some business locations in Downtown Lake Charles – bike hitches.

The new bike hitches are the result of a series of community meetings recently held following a request to the Downtown Development Authority by several local businesses that inquired about donating bike hitches to the City for installation near their businesses.

Businesses and individual donors supplied the bike hitches and the City installed them based on the guidelines shown in the Downtown District's memorial and donations policy.  The bike hitches were manufactured by a local company.  Participating businesses are Empire of the Seed, GiGi's, Yoga Center, and Sylvia's.

The public-private partnership for the bike hitches initiative was coordinated by Carolyn Woosley, who said:

"We residents are very proud that locally-owned downtown businesses have donated these bike hitches to the City.  We like living in historical downtown, where we can choose to bike or walk to meet up with friends, go to art openings or enjoy the sunset by the lake.  These hitches are a modest hint of several quality of life changes coming soon to downtown.

"In the USA, progressive cities have biking amenities.  This bespeaks a progressive vision (much as does recycling and litter abatement).  Bike amenities are expected by college-educated youth choosing cities for residence.

"By being in sight of passers-by, the used hitch could encourage others to bike downtown – this supports a more 'green' health-and conservation-oriented lifestyle.  It also melds with the multi-use venue of our Smart-Coded downtown."

For more information about the bike hitches initiative, call 491-1292.