Odyssey HealthCare of Lake Charles

814 W. McNeese Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605
Phone Number: 337 562-3200 or toll free 800 738-3011
Days and Times of Operation: Office 8 am to 5:00 pm,
Staff on call 24/7 by calling 337 562-3200

Odyssey HealthCare of Lake Charles offers holistic care of the terminal ill and their families by an expert and compassionate team of professionals. Includes medications, supplies and equipment as well as related inpatient care.

Over 250 years of collective staff experience in hospice care in this area since 1986. Odyssey acquired existing hospice in 2002 making us part of the largest hospice in the country . Many nurses, social workers, hospice aides and the executive director have achieved national board certification in hospice and palliative care.

Odyssey HealthCare of Lake Charles has experience, national board certification and we are the  largest hospice in the country. We will continue to serve those facing life threatening illness and their families at the most difficult time in this end of life journey.