Clinical therapist weighs in on possible child abuse case

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There are many questions surrounding this case of possible child abuse, with people on both sides of the issue. Several family members and friends of Jaime Day have left comments on our Facebook page, saying the boy had mental issues. Other family members said the boy was admitted to the psych ward at least three times. But, with the conditions the boy was allegedly found in, is there an excuse? For that, 7 News talked to an expert.

"There are a lot of kids that are hard to parent. Some of them have behavioral problems, because they've been abused. Some of them are abused because they have behavioral problems," said Sam Armer with Professional Counseling Specialties.

Sam Armer is a clinical psychotherapist, and has worked on these types of cases for years.

"You would have needed to have a doctor that monitored the child with medication, possibly. You would have to have a therapist involved to help train you, the parent, on how to manage the behavior, and to help with the child as well," said Armer.

People who know Jaime Day said she is a good mom, and that she did seek care for this young boy, who in there opinion has severe mental problems. But, does the boy's possible behavior problems justify the way he was allegedly treated?

"Regardless of how severe the child's behavior was, the parents are responsible for their care. There is nothing normal about a child that age weighing that weight. There is nothing normal about them being locked in a room. There is nothing normal about blood being on the pallet. It sounds to me like it was someone who tried everything they knew to try, and just kept going to more and more desperate measures to try and control this child's behavior. But, that was not the right way to go.

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