Possible school lunch changes in Calcasieu parish

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – The thought of their children being served frozen lunches has left some parents with a bad taste in their mouth. Already there is talks of protest if such a plan were to pass. But, the school board says there is no cause for concern. And if the school lunch system were to change, students could still expect a hot nutritious meal.

"I don't feed my grandchildren TV dinners at home, and it would be just like getting a TV dinner at school. And, I'm sure not going to pay for that," said Samantha Guillory.

"There's a direct correlation between properly nourished children and their academic performances," said Lisa Bertrand.

7 News contacted assistant superintendent Gary Anderson, who said the school board has received many phone calls on this issue. Anderson said most people who called were mis-informed. Many thought the meals would not be hot meals, not true. Others thought the meals would not be as healthy, again he says that is not true. In fact, Anderson said,  the company in talks with the school board meets all of the national nutritional values. But, the area that does raise concern is jobs. In an interview with the American Press last week, Anderson was quoted as saying "There will be some loss of jobs."

"I think they need to go another route, I think they need to do something else. Laying these people off, especially in times like it is today, the economy the way it is today, what are these families expected to do," said Samantha Guillory.

A Facebook page has been setup by people speaking out against such a plan, and  so far it has caught the attention of over one-thousand people.

"We started it as a discussion board, and I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses that we had," said Lisa Bertrand.

The Facebook page entitled "Parents Opposed to the Calcasieu Parish School Lunch Proposal is full of people willing to protest. But the school board said there is no need to protest. Instead, they suggest attending a meeting held on March 23, where concerns can be voiced and addressed.

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