Winners of Parish-wide Oratorical Contest Announced

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles:

The winners of the parish-wide Oratorical Contest held on February 27 at the Central School Arts & Humanities Center are as follows:

● First Place – High School Division: Raymond Chretien

● First Place – Middle School Division: Hannah Hebert

● Second Place – High School Division: Kathryn Reeser

● Second Place – Middle School Division: Claude Albritton

The City of Lake Charles, Office of the Mayor, hosted a parish-wide Oratorical Contest on Saturday, February 27, at the Central School Arts & Humanities Center, 809 Kirby St, Lake Charles.

The purpose of the Oratorical Contest was to provide a setting by which middle and high school students could display and enhance their communication skills through oration.  The oratorical topic was "It Takes a Village: Social Responsibility in Our Community."  The topic gave participating students an opportunity, through oration, to present their ideas or solutions regarding social responsibility of citizens within a community and how their efforts could aid humanity at-large in attaining higher social, economic and intellectual achievement for the good of all.

The Contest was created to help foster the ability to think intelligently and speak clearly and further the development of leadership qualities.  As well, it was created to help prepare students for the acceptance of duties and responsibilities on entering the real world.

Eight students from throughout the parish participated in the contest.