Woman accused of abandoning twins remains behind bars

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Lake Charles mother accused of abandoning her kids remains at the Calcasieu Correctional Center tonight for a parole violation.

Thirty-four year old Angela Batchelor faces 8 counts of cruelty to a juvenile for allegedly leaving her young children with a stranger on Saturday.

No bond has been set yet for Batchelor.

According to the Calcasieu Correctional Center, Batchelor has a criminal background here in Calcasieu Parish going back at least 7 years.

Batchelor received one Conviction where she pled guilty to forgery theft of more than $500 in November of 2003.

The court imposed 3 years in the Department of Corrections with credit for time served.

In March of 2004, Batchelor was charged with possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) along with simple burglary.

Those charges were later dismissed in September 2008.

In 2006, Batchelor was charged once again for Forgery on 6 different counts with no conviction.

Those charges were later dismissed in September 2008.

Bachelor was already charged with cruelty to animals where she served one day in jail in July 2003.

Trey Williams, spokesperson for the Department of Social Services, could not speak about this particular case.

However, he did tell us how the process works when it comes to finding the children a home.

"First we look to see if there is a family member of the child and if there isn't we find a suitable foster home," said Williams. "If the child is in foster care then what we do is see if possibly the child can one day be returned the family. We could come up with a plan that would involve a lot of counseling and different steps the family must to take to make it happen."

The children remain in the state's custody.

We'll keep you updated on this case as new information comes available.

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