Little boy sneaks puppy to school

By Crystal Price - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Four year-old Kaison Viator of Lake Charles made it to A. A. Nelson Elementary School with his puppy, Breesy, hidden in his backpack Wednesday morning.

Brenda Damiata, a teacher's aid, made the discovery first thing this morning while checking the students' backpacks in the hallway.

"When I went to pull Kaison's back pack out, I felt something warm," said Damiata. "I reached in there and found it was a puppy."

Colleen Viator, Kaison's mother, had just left the school when she received the call about something being found in Kaison's bag.

"They told me, 'yes Ma'am,' he brought his dog to school,'" said Viator. "It stunned me."

When asked why he brought the dog to school, Kaison said that dogs deserve a form of education too.

"I want this dog to go to dog school," said Kaison. "And it made the whole class happy."

While the dog may have brought some extra fun to Mrs. Kathy Hilliard's class, school officials also want to warn students that there are consequences when bringing animals to school.

"The children aren't really allowed to bring pets to school," said Hilliard. "Just for safety reasons, one of the animals may bite and the children could get injured."

Hilliard said she wasn't quite sure how to punish Kaison for bringing his dog to school.

"I just sat down and explained to him not only is it safety for the children but for the animal," said Hilliard. "I told him it wasn't a good choice and the puppy needed to stay home."

Mrs. Hilliard's class learned why it is against the rules to bring your pets to school.

"I hope he doesn't bring the dog back," said Kynsley Brady, Kaison's sister.

"So we won't hurt them, we need to leave our pets home," said Hope Smith, Kaison's classmate.

Although Kaison can no longer play with Breesy at school, he's glad he can look forward to playing with his dog when he gets home.

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