License 2 Drive

Owner: Stephanie & Ben Gaugh
530 W McNeese St.
Lake Charles, LA 70605
Office Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00
38 Hour Course is the 1st two weekends of every month.
Saturdays 8:00-5:00 & Sundays 1:00-7:00

In the summer we are going to have new classes weekly .
Sat, Sun , Mon & Tues (No one else offers that)
Saturdays 8:00-4:00,
Sunday 1:00-7:00,
Monday 8:00-4:00,
Tuesday 8:00-4:00

We are driving school located here in Lake Charles. We offer a 38 hour driver's education course, 6 hour pre-licensing course, drive only sessions & we are now 3rd party testers with the state for the office of motor vehicles.

The 38 hour course is for anyone who is 15 &16 years old or older and would like to get a driver's permit or driver's license. The course consist of 30 hours of classroom & 8 hours behind the wheel. The classroom hours are done over 4 days & the driving time is done in 2 hour sessions around the students schedules.

We also offer a 6-hour pre-licensing course for people who are 17 years old & older. This class is held twice a month, the 1st Thursday & the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Our drive only sessions are for those who just needs more practice time behind the wheel to be a safe driver.

With the 3rd party testing we are now able to administer the road skills test to our students & anyone else who needs to take the driving test. Unlike the OMV we test after school, on the weekends &rain or shine. Another advantage to using us as a 3rd party tester is that we can administer the road skills test to 15 years old who have their permit. They must still have their permit for 6 months & be at least 16 years old to get their license but they can test while everything is still fresh in their minds. Call & make an appointment today.

license2drive opened in October 2009. Everything we do makes us different because no one else does it! We really care about these young kids and want them have fun learning but we also want them to realize they could die or kill someone else if they don't pay attention.

We offer a fun learning environment with hands on learning & open discussion classroom. The videos that I show are real life & are very graphic. I even have video's that some of my students found online & brought them to me.We really stress a lot on drinking and driving, cell phones & texting. We want them to leave here with an impression in their hearts & minds of what could happen.

We accept credit cards (no one else does) we offer holiday classes & in the summer we will be offering new classes weekly (everyone else is one class a month- 1st two weekends every month)

We have online registration & payment We ride (pedal) go-carts & wear drunk goggles (no one else does) Each student pops the hood and checks the oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, brake fluid & power steering fluid. We also show them how to hook up battery cables to jump start a battery, where the alternator is & how to check the antifreeze.

The students take pictures & videos of each other & we hang them up in class & put them on our website.

I see us being the number one driving school anywhere. We see L2D being the leader in driver's education. My goal is that people will choose to come here not just because I'm in Lake Charles but because they believe in what license2drive is teaching their kids.