Westlake High steps up drug testing on student athletes

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - If you are an athlete at Westlake High, plan on completing a drug test before you are eligible to play. The coaching staff at Westlake High school believes that it is time to make drug testing for all athletes mandatory.

"Everyone has to be on their toes. That comes all the way from the pros, all the way to high school," said Head football coach, Max Caldarera."Nothing but good could come out of keeping drugs out of a football program and off the streets."

According to school officials, the parish requires ten percent of student athletes to be drug tested, but Westlake High School is taking that a step further. This year, all the students will have been tested before ever stepping on to the field.

"This time we thought we'd go with all the athletes, and I think it's a good thing," said Caldarera.

"Drugs [are] a problem right now. In the majority of schools it's a huge problem. I think all of the athletes should be held accountable," said girls track and basketball coach, Gloria Fontenot.

If a student, in any sport, fails the drug test, he or she will be suspended from their sport. But, it does not stop there, said Coach Caldarera.

"They have to go to counseling sessions, and then they are going to be drug tested again."

The ten percent of drug testing required is funded by the Calcasieu parish school board, but anything extra comes out of the schools budget.

"It's expensive. It's worth it, isn't it?" said Coach Caldarera.

Westlake High School believes it is a small price to pay, when it comes to keeping the students, and the sports they play, free of drugs. According to Westlake High School, every athlete will be tested again next fall.

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