Turkey Creek Lake Drawdown scheduled for early summer

The following is a news release from The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries:

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) will initiate a drawdown on Turkey Creek Lake in Franklin Parish on Saturday, May 15.  The purpose for the drawdown is to strand giant salvinia, an invasive floating plant present in the water body.

The drawdown will dry out and kill salvinia in the inaccessible areas of Turkey Creek Lake that serve as nursery areas.  It is critical for the exposed lake bottom to dry out and remain in such a state long enough to kill the aquatic fern.

During warm weather, giant salvinia can spread at an alarming rate, in many cases doubling in size every seven days.  Herbicide treatments are not enough to provide effective control because of its tremendous reproductive capacity.

The drawdown will also allow for needed work by the Franklin Parish Police Jury to clear boat lanes and extend the Turkey Creek Park boat ramp.  Personnel from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will also use this opportunity to inspect the lake control structure and make necessary repairs.

While the primary purpose of the Turkey Creek drawdown is aquatic weed control, related benefits to the sport fish population are expected.  An occasional drying period is important to reduce accumulations of organic material on the lake bottom.  Increased spawning potential will produce better fishing opportunities in the future.