Dying cows of concern to Reeves residents

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

REEVES, LA. (KPLC) - Near Reeves in Allen Parish you can see the carcases of dead cattle back off the road, but last week, concerned citizens photographed even more dead and dying animals they say have now been hauled away from public view.

Police Juror Kent Fontenot says he's received calls from a number of concerned citizens.  "I've seen cattle dead along this road, Bernard Fontenot Road, and I've seen cows down having calves and I've seen cows dead and their calves trying to nurse 'em."

Residents say one cow actually remained alive for several days while stuck in the mud.  Fontenot said, "She stayed stuck in the mud for about four days. I just feel sorry for them old cattle. I've been in the cow business for myself since 1968. Just I hate to see that, cattle starving to death."

Concerned citizen Gail Boren agrees something needs to be done.  "I mean you can see there's no hay out for them to eat. They come in every two or three weeks, seems like and drop hay and cows can't make it on that. They need to be fed every day. And it's sad passin' by here and seein' little ole calves and their mama's dead. It's sad. Something needs to be done."

The Allen Parish Sheriff's Department has investigated and talked to the owner.  Investigators conclude about seven animals died but that it's an isolated incident related to the bad weather and not a result of neglect or cruelty.  Allen Deputies say they believe the owner did put out adequate food for the cattle.  Deputies say residents are welcome to call if they see animals that seem to need care and they will check into the situation.

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