Car crashes into Sulphur home

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - One Sulphur resident came home shocked to see that a car had smashed into her house.

"I was driving home from shopping in Lake Charles when I got a call from the police department. It just kind of freaked me out, and I thought someone had broken in, or something," said Marlana Drumwright.

According to Sulphur police, the driver lost control and crashed into a house along Ginger street in Sulphur.

"When I drove up, of course, I instantly started crying. There's fire trucks everywhere, ambulance everywhere, cops everywhere, and it's a little devastating," said Marlana.

In the process of ramming into the house, the woman driving ran over a water line causing the yard to flood. But, it did not stop there. She then put the car in reverse and smashed into a fence across the street.

"The damage it did across the street is a lot more than our damage. It's just kind of shocking that this could happen in a subdivision," said Debbie Duhon.

Marlana said she is glad her and her two children where not at home at the time, because someone could have been seriously injured.

"I thought I am going to be laying in bed, and someone is going to come flying through my bedroom, one night, and kill me. I have been telling my dad that I want to sell my house, and buy a new one. And, here we are; thank God I was not home," said Marlana.

After the initial shock wore off, family and friends began covering the house, to keep the rain out. Marlana and her two children will have to decide what to do next.

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