Former Gov. Edwards calls during book signing

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Whether they love him or hate him, folks across the state continue to stand in line to get an author signed copy of the biography "Edwin Edwards: Governor of Louisiana." Wednesday the book's author Leo Honeycutt was in Lake Charles for a book signing at Books-A-Million.

"It shows there is a lot of people who just really want to know what the truth is. I spent 5 years of my life, putting the truth into this book," said Honeycutt.

Chronicling the life of Edwards - the book is an in-depth look at his four terms as governor and doesn't sugar coat is fourth term which led to a 10-year prison sentence for racketeering. Honeycutt describes it as a real stroll down memory lane.

"It's as much about the state's history as it is about his history, but because the two are so intertwined I couldn't separate it. So if you like history and you like politics - botta-boom, botta-bing - it's yours," said Honeycutt.

Books-A-Million was among a handful of stores to receive a copy of the second printing. So far they've sold more than 500 copies and store employees say the demand is not slowing down. And they have the supply to meet that demand - just in an additional 400 copies. Mark Norsworthy purchased his last week and says it's a real page turner.

"So far I think it's a fascinating book. Edwin Edwards is a very colorful character. Growing up in Louisiana - if you don't know who Edwin Edwards is you don't really know anything about politics," said Norsworthy.

Also at the book signing, someone who knows Edwards very well - his daughter Anna.

"My family is just elated and my father is just astounded - he can't believe how popular the book is. So it's been a great deal for all of us," said Anna.

And just as I was about to ask her about her father, the former governor just happened to call.

"I've got a reporter filming me right now and he wants to know how you're doing," said Anna.

As she waited for a response, it's clear by the expression on her face that 82-year-old Edwards is still working overtime with wit and charm.  "He said he is doing fine and he will always be doing fine as long as his eldest daughter - that would be me - is taking care of him," said Anna.

Lee: "That's sweet."

Anna: "The reporter said that's sweet. He says hi, hi to everybody."

Meanwhile, to get your copy signed by Edwards, you'll have to wait until his release from federal prison sometime in 20-11..

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