Jennings Police bust rolling meth lab

By Crystal Price - bio | email

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Police in Jennings arrested two people after they discovered a rolling meth lab Wednesday morning.

Around 7:00 on Wednesday morning, Officer Ryan Courville observed a blue Dodge Neon sitting in a local car wash just off of Highway 26 in Jennings.

"I noticed a vehicle that had been parked at a local car wash for a while, so I pulled up to do a routine traffic stop," said Courville.

The officer ran the plate on the car, and found that it did not match the registration.

Courville then approached the car, and found Angelle Carty, 25, of Jennings and Gary Thomas, 51, of Lake Charles sitting inside the vehicle.

"They told me they were cleaning the vehicle," said Courville. "They were very nervous."

Courville noticed a strong chemical odor coming from the vehicle as he wrote the driver a citation for the switched license plate.

Police say they had the two individuals exit the vehicle and then called Officer Heath Ewing, the K-9 handler, to the scene.

After a search of the car, the K-9 found three different spots in the vehicle containing chemicals used to make meth.

"We found the chemicals on the back passenger's side of the car from the door to the back tail light," said Ewing.

Authorities then had the car towed to the police department.

Jennings Police was shocked to find something as extreme as meth chemicals in a vehicle.

"If I'm not mistaken this is the first one in my career in this town," said Ewing. "It could cause a car bomb and kill either who's in the vehicle or in the vicinity of the vehicle."

Both Carty and Thomas were arrested for possession with the intent to distribute narcotics.

The Louisiana State Police hazardous materials team responded to the scene to assist with the removal of the chemicals from the car.

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