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Turbo Snake

Both Turbo Snakes that come with the package. Both Turbo Snakes that come with the package.
The Turbo Snake cylindrical sink head. The Turbo Snake cylindrical sink head.
Both the flat shower & tub and cylindrical sink snake heads. Both the flat shower & tub and cylindrical sink snake heads.
The first pass gathers hair & soap scum. The first pass gathers hair & soap scum.
Both Turbo Snake heads worked in the tub, but the smaller one worked better. Both Turbo Snake heads worked in the tub, but the smaller one worked better.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It's a new, environmentally safe way to clear that clogged drain.  The Turbo Snake claims to fix slow drains—fast.  But "Does it Work?"  We took this to the home of Kelly Lafargue, a news producer at KPLC, to put the Turbo Snake to the test.

Kelly explains, "Our bathroom tub drain normally gets clogged.  It's just a little bit sluggish and slow just because I guess there's so much hair and everything falling into the drain.  It's kinda hard to avoid that."

Kelly has spent her fair share on chemicals for clearing drains, but mow she's ready for a less expensive solution.

The Turbo Snake package comes with two snakes.  One snake is for shower & tub drains and the other is for sink drains.  The difference: one has a flat head and one has a cylindrical head, though both heads are made of a Velcro like material.

Kelly tries the tub Turbo Snake on her tub drain first.   She immediately notices some results.  After barely inserting the snake into the drain, she pulls it out to find hair and some soap scum.  She has trouble with size of the tub Turbo Snake, so she switches to the sink snake.  She finds that it helps to bend it to conform to the shape of the drain.  She pulls out more hair and gunk with the sink Turbo Snake.

Kelly cleans the snake head.

"Things kind of pull off of it I guess as best as anything would come off of Velcro that's been stuck to it.  Hair comes off easily, but still soap scum and all that stuff remains," says Kelly

She now fills and empties the tub to see if it's draining any quicker.

"Yeah that's much better; it looks to be draining a little bit quicker.  I think there's improvement," Kelly continues, "It surprised me, it worked better than expected.  I like that it came with two of them, because the larger one actually didn't really work too well in the tub.  The sink one actually worked the best in our tub."

Kelly has another very troublesome sink that even the chemicals can't seem to clear.  The Turbo Snake glides down with little resistance, but the 27" long Turbo Snake was not long enough to reach the clog in this drain.  It seems this sink is no match for the Turbo Snake or chemicals, but the tub was a success and Kelly likes it.

"You can see the results, you don't have to wait.  It's a do it yourself kind of thing.  It's pretty easy," says Kelly.

So the TurboSnake unclogs its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  We bought the Turbo Snake for $9.99 at a local store.

Web Extra:  We tested our Turbo Snake on two drains.  Although the snakes are labeled for "Tub & Shower" and "Sink" drain cleaners, it seems the size & style of your drain and pipes will help to determine which one you should use.  The tool cleanup wasn't the easiest, but with gloved hands you could probably get most of the gunk off the snake head with some warm running water.  The instructions recommend the use of goggles and "common sense" if you are using it in conjunction with any chemical drain cleaners already in the drain.  However, it does not say it is or is not safe for use with chemical cleaners, so be aware of this.  The package comes with a peel and stick hook for storage as well.

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