I-210 construction starts tomorrow

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Monday marks the start of what is going to be nearly a year of construction along interstate 210. For ten months the I-210 loop will be reduced to one lane in both directions. Drivers feel this will cause major traffic problems.

"I think it's going to cause some big problems for us. But I'm going to try and avoid it as much as I can," said one driver.

"It's going to be really inconvenient."

"It's going to be too much work traffic back up in the morning," said another driver.

The section of I-210 being worked on will start at the foot of the 210 bridge, and go all the way to Lake street. When they finish with the inside lane, the Louisiana DOTD will open that one and start on the other. DOTD director, Bobby Hennigan said you can expect delays.

"It will be an inconvenience. We are working with state police. We are trying to write into the contract ways to minimize traffic issues. We know we're going to have some traffic congestion issues, but in the long run, we think it will be a worthwhile project. We are looking forward to getting it done," said Hennigan.

Both the city and the DOTD believe that the end product will be a good one, but at last Thursday's meeting some drivers raised some concerns. They wanted to know why this massive, two phase, state project is taking place at the same time the city of Lake Charles is making major revisions to an intersection. They fear it will bring added traffic to an area that is already very busy.

"I just found it strange that you were choosing to do it all at the same time," said one Lake Charles resident.

Lake Charles Mayor, Randy Roach said the two projects being done at the same time was not on purpose, but that both projects have very specific restrictions.

"Both projects are under certain regulations and restrictions, regarding the money that is being spent, and the time in which the money has to be spent. We really have to move those projects, and unfortunately those projects are coinciding at the same time," said mayor Roach.

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