Lake Charles homeowner not indicted for shooting burglar

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A Calcasieu Parish grand jury decided not to indict a homeowner who shot and killed 18-year-old Divonte LeDay. It was December, 2009, when LeDay was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound in a yard off Oleo Street.

Lake Charles Police believe the victim sustained those wounds nearly 12 hours earlier while he and two others tried to steal a four wheeler a block away on Mill Street.

"LeDay was involved in a burglary, an attempted theft. The homeowner took action shot two rounds and they fled," said Sgt. Mark Kraus.

Both the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office and Lake Charles Police got calls about gunshots in the area. The homeowner on Mill Street filed a report about the attempted burglary with the Sheriff's Office, telling them he fired two shots in the air.

The initial report from the Calcasieu Coroner's Office confirms LeDay died from injuries consistent from a shotgun.

"We now know LeDay was struck by the shotgun blast and died a short time later about 200 feet from where that attempted burglary took place," explained Kraus.

Kraus says LeDay was no stranger to local law enforcement: His first run was at 16 years old - police say he was the teen who brought the gun and fired shots at the "Just For Jesus" rally at the Lake Charles Civic Center back in May 2007.

Kraus says this latest case should send a strong message to the chance would be burglars take. "We in America and specifically Lake Charles, Louisiana have the right to protect our homes, property and family. And in using a shotgun or weapon to do so is authorized in many cases by law," said Kraus.

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