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Strap Perfect

The three color options of the Strap Perfect clips. The three color options of the Strap Perfect clips.
A helper is the easiest  way to install the Strap Perfect. A helper is the easiest way to install the Strap Perfect.
The nude Strap Perfect installed. The nude Strap Perfect installed.
Before & after use of the Strap Perfect. Before & after use of the Strap Perfect.
The bulge of the regular back strap when using the Strap Perfect. The bulge of the regular back strap when using the Strap Perfect.

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

WESTLAKE, LA (KPLC) - Ladies, do you forgo wearing that perfect outfit just because your bra straps will show?  Well the Strap Perfect may put an end this wardrobe problem.

Since I'm a guy I can't really relate to the bra strap dilemma, but my girlfriend April was willing to help with our test of the Strap Perfect plastic bra strap clips.  She said some of her current solutions include ditching wearing the shirt altogether and going with another shirt style or using a safety pin to hold the straps together.

Our Strap Perfect kit came with six clips in three different colors (black, nude, & clear).  We have bras with differing strap colors, styles, & thickness for the test.  April read the instructions for the two self-installation methods.  Method one describes an installation with the bra already on normally.  With straps loosened, April had to reach behind and blindly install the Strap Perfect.

"Okay, [I'm] finding this difficult because I can't see what I'm doing," said April.

After a few seconds of struggle, April exclaims, "Got it!  Okay, this is a lot of work."

Method two involved hooking the bra on her front side and installing the Strap Perfect clip on the straps while in front.  Then she twisted the bra around and finished putting on the bra by putting her arms through the straps.

She also noted trouble by saying, "My straps are a little twisted, and I don't know how I'm going to get back there to untwist them."

She found it was not so easy to do alone, but with some help with method one, it was on quickly and sat comfortably.

"When you're by yourself and you're trying to put it on, it's a little bit difficult.  And, I found that both methods were difficult but for different reasons."  April continued, "The first one, the option one when you're putting it on is difficult just because you're trying to do it behind your back and you can't really see what you're doing.  The second option is a little difficult because it's already fastened so it's a little hard to get your arms through the bra straps."

April found that one of the most important directions to follow was loosening the bra straps first.  Once installed, the straps tighten back up.  She found one problem, it left a bulge in the back of the shirt where the regular clasps connect, but it was fixable.

 "It definitely gives you some added support and it does help to lift your bust line slightly.  And it does get rid of seeing your bra straps," said April.  "I think for ten bucks, it's not a bad deal -- I would invest in it for ten bucks."

The Strap Perfect supports a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The Strap Perfect sells locally for $9.99.

Web Extra:  April talked to me more about this product and relays the following information.  She said that the Strap Perfect redistributes the tension from the straps more into the shoulder area, instead of along the two shoulder straps and the back strap.  She feels that the larger the bust the more tension and potentially pain the Strap Perfect could cause over time.  As far as fixing the bulge from the bottom back strap, you could use some of the provided tape to hold the back strap together or just keep it unclasped and tuck or tape it back.  A friend helps put ease into installation, but practice may help resolve that issue as well she feels.

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