Crackdown on Crime - Thieves steal Bicycle from disabled man

By Lee Peck - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - In this week's Crackdown on Crime report: Anyone can fall victim to thieves, but when they target a person with disabilities and take their means of transportation it more than crosses the line in the eyes of local law enforcement.

"It's a very nice bike. We know that the value of the vehicle which was ordered through an Internet provider was $1300," explained Sgt. Mark Kraus, with Lake Charles Police.

A nice bike that would turn a head or two. With three wheels - it would carry its owner to and from across town. But while riding last month near Mill and Chandler Streets - it turned the wrong heads.

"He was riding his bike on January 27 around 5 p.m. when a black male approached him," said Kraus. "Some conversation began between our suspect and our victim."

After being distracted the victim was approached from behind by two other black males. One brandishing a knife and demanding money.

"One of the guys put the knife up to his neck and demanded money. The victim didn't have any money," said Kraus. "But I think to add insult to injury is that they took his most prized possession which was his 3-wheeled bicycle, which is something he uses as absolute transportation to get to and from places because there are some specific requirements that have him on a 3-wheel bicycle."

The bike is a Worksman model, black in color with register tag: 38024. Detectives are following several leads, but say the most promising is one that describes the first suspect with having two tear drop tattoos under his left eye.

"Traditionally among the criminal element and that's what these three men are - they have achieved nothing more in life than being criminals," said Kraus.

Criminals that have proved they'll take anything from anyone.

A reward is being offered through Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest of the three suspects. Call 439-2222 or Lake Charles Police at 491-1311.

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