Jindal visits SWLA

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) - On Friday Governor Jindal announced the state's new budget. According to the governor, the 18-percent smaller budget is possible by combining several state agencies, streamlining government, and cutting nearly three-thousand executive branch positions.

"We're having to do things that are smarter, more cost effective. {That involves} partnering with the private sector, out-sourcing where it makes sense, and making sure we're funding our true priorities," said Governor Jindal.

Governor Jindal stresses that job creation is a way to combat the national recession. The governor pointed out, higher education was not an area that received state budget cuts, but he is pursuing initiatives that provide funding based on accountability and results. This means, if Louisiana colleges and universities continue to lag behind the rest of the country, the money they would get from the state could be spent somewhere else.

"We have the second lowest graduation rate in our colleges and universities. That's unacceptable. We want to change the funding formula, so as they get more money, it's funding based on accountability and results. That's what it means to create a new Louisiana," said Governor Jindal.

Lieutenant Governor, Mitch Landrieu will soon leave his position with the state, to be the next Mayor of New Orleans. According to Governor Jindal, abolishing the position of Lieutenant Governor would be another way to save money.

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