Oakdale residents enjoy snow fall

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

OAKDALE, LA (KPLC) -Residents of Oakdale woke up to see snow coming down thick and heavy.  Big snow flakes, the kind that stick and accumulate.  And it didn't take long for kids and adults to venture out.  Betty Turner's son told her. He said, "Mama it's snowin'!" I said, "Naw!" And I ran out on the porch and I said, "It is snowin' and I told my husband." He said, "You all are crazy. Then he said, well looky here." I wanted to hit him with a snow ball but he won't let me. I love it it's beautiful."

And it was that wet kind of snow that's perfect for kids who want to get out and build a snow man or have a snow ball fight.  It doesn't seem to be affecting driving any more than a little rain would.

For folks here, snow is a huge treat.  Almost like a gift from Mother Nature.  And the experience is a first for some like John Sanford who was amazed to see it.  "I woke up and started walking through the house to make some coffee and I saw it snowing out side. And I came outside and looked. I went inside and got dressed and started making a snow man. First time I ever saw snow." Asked what he thought about Sanford said with  a smile, "I'm just happy. That's all I know."

But it was the smaller kids who really made a play day out of it. Cory Cloud made a snow woman named Kelly. But his cousin Logan likes the snow ball fights. And a similar scene was playing out in many neighborhoods and back yards in this region where snow rarely falls.

And so the kids made the most of it because they know snow days don't often come in Southwest Louisiana.

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