New Frontage Road project in Sulphur

By Brandon Troullier - bio | email

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The Sulphur City Council has voted on a project to create an I-10 service road, and they are ready to start with the process. The Covenant Presbyterian Church could be the home of the frontage road.  The road is supposed to attract businesses and make an easier route to get to recreation sites.

Mayor Ron LeLeux said "in October of 2009, the City Council passed a resolution to go into a proper endeavor, to begin negotiations which we've done up to February, and also accepted the route, which is a route that will go to Henne Drive."

The pathway of the road would basically split the church in half, causing it to be demolished.

It's even worse for neighbors who live behind the church because the ones whose houses are in the path would also be demolished, while the other residents would have to deal with a 40 mph road in their neighborhood - a community that's filled with young kids who like to play outside.

Many are wondering why they can't change the route of the road.

"Well our thoughts are why you don't make the frontage road along the front of the interstate. Why do you want to bring it through our neighborhood when it could probably go along the interstate", added neighbor James Broussard.

It would be a big improvement for the city, but a heavy cost for some of its residents.

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