Black and Gold equals pink for one local mechanic

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -  "Well, I thought the Colts would win the game," said Howard Oliver.

Howard is a mechanic at Dyers Tires in Lake Charles, and he put his money, or his pride on the Colts. So, while most Louisianians saw black and gold, Howard saw pink. As part of a bet Howard had to wear a full pink dress, a pink hat, and carry a pink purse around with him, as he worked on cars. So, why did he bet against the Saints in the first place?

"You tell me. Cause I don't know. Your reason is just as good as mine. I'm sorry I did," said Howard.

But, being sorry did not change things. Howard carried on as usual, helping customers, and working on cars, as his friends, rightfully so, enjoyed his bad decision.

Howard did not let the weird looks get to him, in fact, he himself found it funny. It is not everyday you see a mechanic in a bright pink dress. But, he could not resist, he just had to say it.

"Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints, and where is Peyton Manning anyway," said Howard.

Maybe next time he will think twice before betting against the black and gold.

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