Jindal to pick interim lt. gov.

Associated Press - February 8, 2010 2:44 PM ET

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu is headed to New Orleans City Hall, leaving behind a job as second-in-line to the governor, a vacancy that is eagerly sought by a lengthy list of politicos.

Before anyone can run for the job, though, Gov. Bobby Jindal will make a temporary appointment to the post - sometime before Landrieu takes office as New Orleans mayor on May 3.

Then, lawmakers will decide whether they want to abolish the job entirely, as the Jindal administration is proposing for the upcoming legislative session.

Jindal Chief of Staff Timmy Teepell says the governor is meeting with people interested in becoming the interim replacement for Landrieu. Teepell says Jindal is looking for an appointee who isn't interested in becoming an election candidate for the job.

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