Local Saints fans preparing for Super Bowl parties

by Brandon Richards bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - For Lake Charles retailers, Super Bowl weekends are usually busier than most, but this is no ordinary Super Bowl weekend in Southwest Louisiana.

With the New Orleans Saints less than 24 hours away from taking the field in Miami, local Saints fans spent the weekend preparing for Super Bowl parties.

Dave Smith, manager of Kroger's Food on 12th Street, said his store started making preparations to accommodate a tide of Saints fans after the team clinched the NFC Championship last month.

"People are just picking up everything for the Barbeque pits, snacks, chips, drinks," said Smith. "They're ready to have a good time."

Kim Lovett, manager of Party City, said her store started seeing tons of Saints fans as soon as the playoffs started. Lovett said the traffic she's seen in the last couple of days was comparable to the store's busiest shopping season.

"Our busiest season is Halloween and the last two days for us have been [like] Halloween days," said Lovett. "People are just everywhere."

On Saturday afternoon, Lovett said they were completely sold out of all Saints merchandise. Customers were left mixing and matching black and gold party supplies to prepare for their Super Bowl parties.

Party City plans on opening their doors a little early at 8:30 A.M. Sunday morning for Saints fans looking to pick up a few last-minute Super Bowl party items.

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