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Sandy Gay

Sandy Gay

Nominee for 2010 Samaritan of the Year Award

Sandy Gay has been an inspiration to me and to the people that know her.  She is currently the leader on disaster preparation and response for the Diocese of Lake Charles.  She has been dedicated to the well-being of the people of Southwest Louisiana from a young age.  She started volunteering at the age of 13, teaching religion classes.  Sandy has lead a life of service and helping others.  Sandy is responsible for touching the live of 1000's of teenagers and adults and impacting them positively.  Sandy has always been a friendly, inviting person who uses her many gifts for the greater good.  She has always had time for a troubled person to talk to her and changed the lives of those that come into contact with her.  She is very intelligent and has used her ability to network to assist the people of Southwest Louisiana and make life better.  She has been in charge of youth, ministry, adult education and now disaster preparation and response for the Diocese of Lake Charles.  I know that she has spent countless hours above and beyond her job to make sure that the job was done right and people were taken care of.  After Hurricane Ike, Sandy's office was closed, but she was there coordinating with national offices, local agencies, and lining up assistance for our citizens.  A few years ago, Sandy lost a significant amount of weight and has worked to keep it off and be physically healthy.

In my own life, Sandy was very influential in encouraging me to always think of service to others.  When I was a youth, she made me think of combing faith in whatever job I would take in the future.  As an adult, I was lucky enough to have her as my facilitator for Loyola University where she assisted in broadening my capacity to think about God and His influence in the world.  Sandy Gay deserves this award because she exemplifies what the Samaritan of the Year needs to be.

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