Saints superstition

By Adam Hooper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - "I was at the very first game in Tulane stadium," said Besmer Collins.

Besmer Collins is a Saints fan, and before Hurricane Katrina he lived in Saints country. After the storm he and his family had to move after they lost it all.

"The main thing is that, we were all able to get out safely, and that we were able to keep our family intact. Items can be replaced, but loved ones can't," said Collins.

His family have since moved to Lake Charles, but that has not stopped them from cheering on the black and gold.

Some fans are okay with just watching the game, but others have their quirky superstitions. Some like wearing their favorite jersey, or watching from a favorite place. In most cases the game depends on it.

"The seat that I'm sitting in is where I watch every Saints game," said Collins.

Also, Besmer has to wear a certain Saints shirt during the game. And, to get pumped up before kickoff he re lives the game before.

"I'll be watching the replay of this game everyday before the Super Bowl," said Collins.

Others,who hope for a Saints win, turn to the xbox.

"I would play Madden 10, and setup the exact scenario of the game. I play it out, so that they would hopefully win. So far it has been pretty good," said Richard Doss.

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