Office of Motor Vehicles to discontinue toll-free phone service

The following is a news release from the Louisiana State Police.

With the state currently facing difficult budget challenges, the Office of Motor Vehicles continues to evaluate its programs in an effort to streamline operations and reduce expenses without significantly impacting customer service.  OMV has determined that discontinuing the OMV toll-free number will save the department $600,000 annually.  However, OMV will continue to maintain the customer service call center that is available to answer questions from the public.

"As we experience these difficult financial times, maintaining customer service will continue to be our number one priority," said Kay Hodges, OMV Commissioner.  "OMV has already implemented streamlining efforts such as outsourcing functions, eliminating management positions and reducing days of service in low production offices."

Recent trends in telecommunication plans have provided many people with unlimited long-distance calls.  Therefore, February 1, 2010, OMV will no longer provide toll free phone service.  When these changes are fully integrated, the number 1-877-DMV-LINE (1-877-368-5463) will no longer be in service.  Customers who call the toll-free number after February 1st will receive a recorded message directing them to call the new number (225) 925-6146 to reach the OMV Call Center for assistance.  The OMV Call Center operates Monday through Friday from 08:00am to 4:30pm.

OMV customers are encouraged to utilize the OMV Website at for general services.  Through the Website, customers can complete registration renewals, license renewals of all types or find answers to specific questions. In addition, the public can e-mail questions directly to OMV and receive a personalized response.