LA DOTD Announces Upcoming Reconstruction Work on I-210

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles.

Today at City Hall, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) announced the details of an upcoming LA DOTD reconstruction work project to improve I-210 in Lake Charles.  The press conference was held by the City to make citizens aware of the traffic congestion issues this project will create.

The scope of the project includes the following phases:

● I-210 east of Lake St. – LA DOTD will be repaving the asphalt shoulders,

repairing joints in the concrete pavement, and patching some of the broken

areas of concrete.  There will be lane closures required to complete this

work, but the closures will take place during the non-peak traffic flow hours,

mostly at night.

● Between the Prien Lake Bridge and Lake St. – This area will involve

extensive rehabilitation and replacement of the existing roadway pavement.

The pavement adjacent to the overpasses will be removed and replaced.  The

remaining pavement will be rubblized and overlaid with asphalt.

● During this process, the existing concrete pavement is actually broken into

small pieces and overlaid with several lifts of asphalt.  During this phase,

from the Prien Lake Bridge to Lake St., one lane in each direction of I-210

will be closed.  After work on the initial lanes is complete, those lanes will

be reopened to traffic and the adjacent lanes will be closed and repaired.

The lane closures are scheduled to begin on February 22.  It is estimated that it will take eight to 10 months to complete the project.

For short periods of time, the on and off ramps will have to be closed.  Advanced notice will be given to the public before any ramps are closed.  No two adjacent ramps will be closed at the same time.

This project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (i.e. the Federal Economic Stimulus Bill).  The bid price of this contract is a little over $18.7M.

During the project, LA DOTD will have signs on I-10 warning of traffic congestion on I-210.  Before the project begins LA DOTD will have message boards on Nelson Rd., Ryan St., and La 14 giving information about the project.  Law enforcement officers will be present during construction to assist with traffic.

In an effort to reduce congestion on Nelson Rd., LA DOTD will make one change to traffic patterns on Nelson Rd.  For southbound traffic on Nelson Rd., the left turn movement to the eastbound on-ramp of I-210 will be eliminated.  Northbound traffic turning right on the on-ramp will still be allowed.  Northbound traffic turning left onto the westbound on ramp will still be allowed.  Traffic in the Sam's Club, Pinnacle, Target area wanting to go east on I-210 will have to go east on Prien Lake Rd. to Lake St. and enter I-210 from that point.  We believe this will increase congestion at Lake St. and Prien Lake Rd., but will more evenly distribute the traffic in the network.

LA DOTD traffic counts show that the peak hours of traffic flow on I-210 are from:

7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from noon to 8 p.m..  During these hours, LA DOTD requests that citizens continue to support the businesses in the area, but that motorists utilize   an alternate route to I-210 whenever possible.

I-210 between the Prien Lake Bridge and Lake St. was the first portion of I-210 to be opened in Lake Charles.  There have been no major repairs on this stretch since it was constructed.

Said Bobby Hennigan, LA DOTD District Administrator:

"The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is pleased to have the opportunity to make these needed repairs and asks for your patience as it proceeds with the improvements."

Said John Cardone, City Administrator:

"Although this is a state project, the work being done will impact Lake Charles citizens traveling on and off the I-210 corridor.

"We want the citizens of Lake Charles to know that the City will do everything it can to minimize any inconvenience that may occur."