Saints give Crowley band it's Mojo

By Jason Belk - bio | email

CROWLEY, LA (KPLC) - The New Orleans Saints' remarkable run to their first Super Bowl in team history has inspired people across the state of Louisiana.

The best way for Rick Lagneaux, Gwen Gros and Kip Bacque to express their excitement was through writing a song about the Saints and their dream season, but the song, "Watchin' Them Play," wasn't originally about the Saints.

"The song originated back in 1996, we were asked by a producer to contribute a song for a compilation album for the Cleveland Indians, and it did real well in the Cleveland market. And when the Saints became so successful this year we kind of turned it into a Saints tribute song and went from there," said Lagneaux.

After the song was written, it was a matter of finding the right band to sing it.  Johnny Chauvin and the Mojo Band fit the bill.

When Johnny and his band were approached with the idea to do a Saints song, it was a no brainer, so they could put their stamp on the Saints first ever run to the Super Bowl.

"I was just pleased that they basically gave me a chance to do it, and we had a good time with the song. They presented it to us, showed us just how they wanted us to sing it, and we had a good time," said the band's namesake, and lead singer, Johnny Chauvin.

As the Saints continued their remarkable run, the song began to take on a life of it's own.

"When the song was first presented, they said 'Well if the song doesn't go any further then we can change the words to say this,' but now we realize especially if the Saints [win] the Super Bowl, or even now with the champions that they are, the song might be locked in just how it is, and we're happy with that," said Chauvin.

The band couldn't be more excited about the popularity the song has gained, and look forward to continuing to play it for their fans throughout Louisiana.

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