City Implementing Improvement Plan for Shrub Beds on Main Boulevards

The following is a news release from the City of Lake Charles.

The City of Lake Charles Public Works Grounds Maintenance Division recently began implementation of an improvement plan for the shrub beds on the City's main boulevards.   The comprehensive plan addresses the need for removal of overgrown and diseased shrubs that are creating visibility and security issues.

The shrubs are expected to sprout back from the original root stock.  Periodic pruning and care will enable them to achieve a height of approximately fifteen inches the first year and approximately twenty-four inches the second year.  Some of the locations will be evaluated for the replanting of shrubbery.

The City of Lake Charles has also contracted a local arboricultural firm to properly prune low hanging limbs of trees on City boulevards.

These measures have been taken to enhance the natural beauty and safety of our boulevards while maintaining the City's dedication to beautification.