"Saintitude" sweeping Louisiana

By Jason Belk - bio | email

LAFAYETTE, LA (KPLC) - A pair of brothers in Lafayette have coined and trademarked the word "Saintitude."

"Saintitude is that power attitude, the power attitude that never gives up," said Troy Bolden, who created the word.

The idea to create the new word came to Troy while he was watching a game early this season, and noticed something was different about this year's team.

"I was sitting at home and watching the Saints at the beginning of the season, and I said you know what there's something different about them, a new attitude.  So I sat there pondering and writing on a piece of paper, Saints...Attitude, Saints...Attitude," said Bolden.

After creating the new word and realizing it had began to take on a life of it's own, Bolden then created a web site in order to take orders for shirts, hats, hand bags and much more from people all over the country.

But to Bolden, the word means much more than just what the Saints have been able to accomplish.

"Saintitude is more than just the Saints, when I go to high school football games, college games, the other pro games.  It's that 12th man, just everything about Louisiana," says Bolden.

While for now, the word is taking over the state of Louisiana.  With a Super Bowl win, "Saintitude" might soon be taking over the nation.

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