Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

From The Associated Press:

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu says allegations that a conservative activist and three other men tried to tamper with phones at her New Orleans office are "unsettling."

One of the suspects is James O'Keefe, a conservative activist who posed as a pimp last year on hidden camera to target the liberal community-organizing group ACORN.

Authorities say one of the other suspects is Robert Flanagan, son of the acting U.S. attorney in Shreveport, Bill Flanagan. The FBI says Flanagan and another man dressed as utility workers Monday and said they needed to fix the phone system.

A witness told the FBI that O'Keefe filmed the men on his cell phone when they walked in. The Democrat calls it a "very unusual situation" and says she is "as interested as everyone else about their motives and purpose."

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