Horse apparent victim of cruelty, neglect

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Animal Control officials are investigating a case of possible animal abuse, after a horse was found in critical condition.

The horse was found in a field off Martin Luther King and Fitzenreiter Road in north Lake Charles early Friday morning. Animal Control was soon called to the pasture. The young mare appeared to be caught in a fence.

It turned out that the animal was starving, without water and unable to stand. Concerned citizens brought food and water to the horse on the land that is owned by Entergy and leased to an individual with three horses. Entergy says that they are in the process of evicting the lessee.

Diana Morales with Animal Control says that the owner of the horse will be charged with animal cruelty.

Such neglect to these horses is becoming a growing problem because these horses can no longer be slaughtered in the United States, so there is no market for them.

At last word, officials were waiting for test results from a veterinarian to determine whether there is any hope of nursing the horse back to health, or whether it should be euthanized.

Animal Control officials are still trying to locate the owner of the horses, and have not yet revealed their identity.

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