Local schools raise money for Haiti earthquake victims

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) – Local elementary schools are raising money for Haiti earthquake victims by showing their support for the New Orleans Saints.

"Right after the earthquake happened, they came back wanting to do something to help and then knowing that our wonderful saints are in the playoffs we said lets do the whole package," said John J. Johnson Elementary Principal Betty Sims.

Each student displaying their support for the Saints, has the option of making a donation towards relief efforts in Haiti.

Melissa Ross, a student at John J. Johnson stated, "You get to encourage your favorite players, and you get to help others."

The combination of supporting the Saints and earthquake victims doesn't end with John J. Johnson. A.A. Nelson and E.K. Key are both doing the same thing.

"Our kids at Nelson, whenever they jump into something they jump in feet first. The kids are on top of the world, on top of a black gold world," said Brian Smith, a teacher at A.A. Nelson Elementary.

The overwhelming response from students at all three schools has even moved members of the community to get involved.

Owen Clanton, a teacher at E.K. Key Elementary stated, "Somebody came in off the street and donated $25.00."

Even greater than any monetary donation, is what the students have taught themselves.

"One of the real lessons is the ability to help other people in need just as we were helped when Rita hit," said Clanton.

E.K. Key student, Brilyn Wade stated, "If we had an earthquake here like they had in Haiti that would be pretty bad. It feels good knowing that those people in Haiti are going to get some of their homes rebuilt with some of this money."

"Sharing is wonderful.  It's the kind of thinking that we want our children to grow up with."

Students from all three schools combined to raise just under $1,500.

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