Cal Administrator interviews set for Wednesday

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA. (KPLC) - Calcasieu Police jurors will interview the three applicants for parish administrator next Wednesday in closed door executive session. Current administrator Mark McMurry is retiring in April. And jurors expect to decide who the next administrator will be no later than February 4th.

Police jurors will conduct interviews with three applicants for parish administrator at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.Wednesday. Assistant Administrator Bryan Beam will be the first to be interviewed at 4 p.m.; applicant Greg Mahoney, a Lake Charles businessman, will be interviewed at 5 p.m.. While the third applicant, Stephen Southgate, will be offered the 6 p.m. interview slot.

Jurors admit, they aren't necessarily up to speed on do's and don'ts of job interviews today. As Juror Hal McMillin put it, "We've never really interviewed anybody before and there are some processes, probably some questions that would put us in hot water if we asked them or asked them wrong on different things and getting into some personal things that we may want to know."

They've agreed they want their attorney and human resources manager there during the interviews. Human Resources Director Cheryl Heisser says, "There certainly are some questions you can't ask legally. We can probably provide that 'don't ask' list to you pretty easily."

And at least some don't appear inclined to make a decision immediately after the interviews." I doubt that I"ll be prepared to make a decision that quick. I want to think about it for a little bit," says Juror Chris Landry.

Following the interviews jurors can recess their special meeting and re-convene as early as the next day to make a decision. Current administrator McMurry explained, "You have the ability to reconvene that special meeting when you're ready to do it."

However, their self-imposed deadline for choosing is February 4th.

Also jurors agreed to put two tax continuation proposals before voters on May 1. A 1 1/2% sales tax would continue funding road and drainage improvements and maintenance along with garbage and trash pickup in most areas outside the cities. While a 5.75 mill property tax would pay the light bill and other costs of running the jail and courthouse complex. The proposal reflects an increase which officials say is needed due to escalating utility costs.

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