Honore: US has moral duty to house Haitians

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who restored order after Hurricane Katrina, is calling on the United States, and in particular the governors along the Gulf Coast, to offer refuge to the most vulnerable Haitians affected by the deadly Jan. 12 earthquake.

Doctors agreed with Honore, but said it was unlikely large numbers of Haitians would be airlifted to U.S. hospitals. They pointed out that U.S. hospitals might find it hard to handle large numbers of Haitian victims.

Governors and their staff in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida did not immediately return calls seeking a response to Honore's comments.

The press secretary for Alabama Gov. Bob Riley said that the state has not been asked to shelter Haitians, but he added that "if that need arises" Alabama "stands ready to work with our federal partners to help."

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