Local business helps provide food for Haiti relief workers

By Theresa Schmidt - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Freshko Food Service is helping to feed those from our area who will soon sail to Haiti to provide relief for earthquake victims there.  They have food ready for pick up by Friend Ships volunteers who are expected to depart Tuesday for the disaster stricken country.

Freshko is a food distributor that supplies many local restaurants and casinos.  And while the company can't provide food for every hungry person  in Haiti they can and will provide food for those who will be part of the Friend Ships crew.  Tami Hall is a crew member:  "Every couple of weeks they help donate items to us for us to be able to eat.  And this time, in addition to their regular donation, they have donated a lot of things to us strictly for the crew and this voyage."

Homer Robin with Freshko is delighted to be able to help.  "We knew that we couldn't provide everything that Friend Ships needed when it came to food, but we knew that as a food company we needed to do our part.  So, we started partnering with them to feed the crew.  When this appeal for Haiti came about, I knew that I as an individual wanted to help.  I would have loved to be there in Haiti.  But we can't all be there."

Not everyone has food to donate, but Freshko and Friend Ships agree everyone has something to give.  Says Hall, "Whether it's just praying for those who are going.  We need twelve volt car batteries, we also need quarter inch nylon line.  It usually comes in a six hundred foot spool."

Robin agrees.  "Everyone of us can do something and all of those something's are needed.  Because every one of those little things are needed to make up the whole."

Those working on disaster relief locally hope individuals and businesses will consider how their unique talents or assets may allow them to contribute to the effort.  For a list of items needed by Friend Ships click here.  For more general information on a variety of relief efforts click here.

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