Protest against budget cuts held at LSU

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - A celebration of LSU's 150th anniversary included university songs, remarks from prominent university leaders - and a "memorial service" gathering of 150 faculty, staff and students across the street to protest state budget cuts to the campus.

The campus budget was cut by nearly $13 million this month, as agencies across state government lost money in budget reductions ordered by Gov. Bobby Jindal to close a midyear deficit.

Notices are going out to about 300 instructors, telling them they may be laid off at the end of the year if the school grapples with another round of expected budget cuts, starting in July.

Tania Nyman is an English instructor who organized the protest event. She says Jindal and lawmakers worsened the state's money problems by passing several tax cuts in recent years.

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