CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospice now hosting bereavement group

CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospice is now hosting a bereavement group.  The group meets each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Spiritual Care Conference Room on the second floor of St. Patrick Hospital.  The group is open to the community at large.

Facilitators will emphasize companioning rather than "treatment" for those experiencing the natural grief process.  The six needs of mourners are addressed in the group:

•    The need to acknowledge the reality of death
•    The need to feel the pain of the loss
•    The need to remember the person who has died
•    The need to develop a new identity
•    The need to search for meaning after the death
•    The need to receive ongoing support from others.  

Meeting each of these needs represents an important influence on a mourner's ability to heal.  For more information call CHRISTUS St. Patrick Home Care and Hospice 337-395-5600