Jeff Davis Parish celebrates MLK Day

by Brandon Richards bio | email

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - They were not the biggest parades around, but thanks to the energy and excitement filling the air in Welsh and Jennings on Monday, they were celebrations fit for a king…Dr. Martin Luther King that is.

Dozens of spectators lined the streets of these two communities to honor the late Civil Rights leader.

In Welsh, the high school band played the beats that resonated on both sides of the street. After the parade wrapped, everyone moved over to nearby Richmond Park, where the celebration continued with music, food and rides for the children.

In Jennings, the parade winded its way down South Main Street as people crept out of their homes and gathered on sidewalks and empty parking lots.

Jennings MLK parade organizer Connie Dartez said this year's parade was a success.

"It wasn't that big, but I think everyone enjoyed the parade," said Dartez.

While everyone enjoyed the sights and sounds of the parades and parties, the best part of the day was remembering what Dr. King means to everyone today.

Shawn Smith put it simply for many others saying of King, "He set us free."

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