Ultimate Saints Fan

By Jason Belk - bio | email

IOWA, LA (KPLC) – Steve Campbell is KPLC'S Ultimate Saints Fan.  But what exactly makes an Ultimate Fan?

"On Sundays I always have to be right there in front of the television or at the game, cheering on my Saints even though they can't hear me from my television.  I'm a Louisiana person, born and bred, they represent our state, so I'm always behind what our state does," says  Campbell.

A glaring example of Steve's loyalty to the Saints came after a game late this season.

"After the Tampa Bay game I was in a New Orleans Wal-Mart, and I had a young man come up and ask me why I was still wearing this jersey after they just lost.  I said it's because I'm a true fan, not a fair weather fan," said Campbell.

Roxanne Campbell, Steve's wife, has said being the Ultimate Fan's wife has been wonderful, but sometimes you have to keep your distance.

"It's wonderful sometimes, and then there's sometimes where you just might want to step out of the room," said Roxanne.

While not wanting to jinx anything, Steve couldn't help but imagine what a Super Bowl victory would mean not only to him, but to the state of Louisiana.

"It would be fantastic…I've been through the bad times where people were putting bags on their heads, I never did do that, but this would be a great blessing to our state," said Steve.

Congratulations to Steve Campbell for being named KPLC's Ultimate Sports Fan.

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